Examples of organised workshops

Cultural Awareness Project

Goal of the project:
To reduce misunderstandings in the business situation, which might arise from cultural differences between Europe and Japan.

Analysis of the current situation:
Is it really because of "Japanese culture" or rather "Japanese company culture"?
Filling the gap of information about Japanese and company culture, especially in the business context.
This can appropriately be combined with "Business Japanese Language Course" (see below),
so participants can grasp the essence of issues from other aspect as well.

Business Japanese Language Course

Target of the course:
To obtain proper Japanese language skills for non-Japanese speaking business persons (and their family),
who will be expats in the near future,
or who have been expats to Japan already, but still want a brush-up of their Japanese language skills.

Cusom made: in order to set precise and achievable goals,... the contents will be decided after prior consultation.
Upon request, the course can be intensive, in-company or residential,
as well as private, small group (max. 5 persons), or semi-private.